Landlord Safety Checklist

The Sorgi Insurance CompanyLandlord Safety Checklist

Landlord Safety Checklist

Your policy and procedures with your properties is critical to keeping your properties safe and the Insurance affordable. These are some suggestions to implement with all of your rental properties.

1. Require that your tenants carry a renters policy. This will prevent you from being pulled into a lawsuit and will also pay if your tenant is negligent and damage to your property occurs from fire.

2. Inspect your properties a couple times a year at minimum.

Look for:

  • Debris or other housekeeping items in yard and inside the home
  • Proper use of heating, electrical and fireplaces (clean fireplaces annually)
  • Do not allow open flame alternative heating sources (i.e. kerosene heaters). Any auxiliary heaters should be UL approved, in good maintenance and have an automatic shut off.
  • Vicious dogs owned by tenant can result in lawsuits against the landlord
  • Pay attention to your tenants concerns. Items which could cause bodily injury and property damage not addressed by you could make you negligent
  • Remove overhanging limbs and any dead trees as soon as discovered
  • Trampolines should not be allowed
  • Improper use of candles by tenants
  • Inspect hoses to washing machine and connections to all plumbing fixtures

3. Have your tenants do the following if they are going on holiday.

Have them:

  • Notify you when they are going out of town on holiday
  • Maintain minimum heat during winter months (adequate fuel?)
  • Turn off water to washing machine, ice maker and house if possible
  • Inspect during these times for compliance with these and other items
  • Require your tenant to notify you of any unusual issues with other tenants or with the property in general

Paying attention to these details and others can minimize your claim exposure and make it possible for us to provide you with the preferred product & pricing you now receive.