Contractor / Subcontractor Agreement

The Sorgi Insurance CompanyContractor / Subcontractor Agreement

Subcontractor Insurance

contractor-subcontractor agreementContractor-Subcontractor Agreements include a statement that the subcontractor working for a contractor will hold insurance on his own that will cover worker’s compensation, general liability, and automobile liability. The subcontractor insurance coverage might be close to these: for personal injury or death: $500,000 for any one occurrence, $1,000,000 general aggregate (subject to a per project general aggregate provision), $1,000,000 Products/Completed Operations aggregate limit.

Contractor Indemnification

The contractor-subcontractor agreement form should include a statement to indemnify the company and its employees related to the contractor, holding them harmless. It may state the terms by which any court fees will be paid.

Work Authorization

The agreement may reference authorization to do the work and reference the quoted price and how the compensation is to be provided. It should refer to the span of time that the contractor warrants their work (and materials) after completion.

It may include reference to how the Subcontractor and owner may communicate and whether all work orders are to be authorized by the contractor.

Have your lawyer look over the documents to make sure they include all the necessary terms and conditions for which your business is actively involved. The Sorgi Insurance Agency accepts no legal responsibility for the content or legality of these forms.

Here are some online forms that may work for you.

Online Forms and Templates for Contractor-Subcontractor Agreement